September 10Tetouan, Morocco
International E-Conference on Mechanics, Mechatronics, Materials and Civil Engineering


Since the night of history, Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering have acknowledged a huge degree of advancement. Recently, Mechatronics has emerged as a multidisciplinary approach that enables to undertake the current automation oriented manufacturing industry. These fields are parts of the general framework of Sciences and Technologies encompassing a variety of Civil and Industrial applications. A high extent of maturity has been reached in research dedicated to problems that can be classified within the previous areas of expertise. However, the need is constantly felt all across the world for more effort about further research activity in these important domains. The aim is to work toward closing up the gap existing in many aspects related to Mechanics, Mechatronics, Materials and Civil Engineering. The objective is to understand more deeply lots of observed phenomena, to increase safety of design, improve reliability, augment lifetime, while reducing cost and effort time. This involves the requirement for advanced theoretical modeling approaches, enhanced methods for experimental characterization and efficient numerical methods for performing simulation and optimization.

The International E-Conference on Mechanics, Mechatronics, Materials and Civil Engineering 2022 (3MCE’2022) aims at gathering researchers and experts from across the fields of Mechanics, Mechatronics, Materials and Civil Engineering. The objective is to underline some of the recent developments made and to review innovative processes and approaches that have been introduced. The event is expected to be an opportunity to discuss the best existing ideas and to make better understanding about the recent progress being carried out.

The E-conference modus operandi enables to get jointly persons through a virtual realm. People can meet and discuss easier by using very common visual and audio elements and a good internet connection. So, one doesn't need to make a travel for a long distance just to attend a one day conference. This comes up to be safer and more cost and time effective.

Abdellatif Khamlichi
Chairman of the E-conference

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General information

The International E-Conference on Mechanics, Mechatronics, Materials and Civil Engineering 2022 (3MCE’2022) will be held virtually on September 10, 2022. The major scope of 3MCE’2022 will cover the relevant aspects of science and technology related to these fields and including the following items: Experimental Characterization, Modeling, Numerical Simulation, Reviews, and Cases of study...

The International E-Conference 3MCE’2022 will enable the participant to:

  • Discuss its current research with leading experts;
  • learn about the latest work and research being conducted;
  • promote its own work and publish it.

The International E-Conference 3MCE’2022 is wanted to be a key event for PhD students, academics, consultants and practitioners who aim to:

  • present ongoing research work, communicate research results and get feedback;
  • discover research novelties and assess knowledge of research being held in areas of expertise covered by the conference themes;
  • discuss opportunities of collaboration.

The accepted papers for 3MCE’2022 will be published, after oral presentation during the conference event and payment of fees. These will be included in a special volume of MATEC Web of Conferences which is indexed in:


Congress Chair:

Abdellatif Khamlichi

International Scientific Committee:

Zineb Achegaf
Otman Aghzout
Mounia Ajdour
Abderrahmane Bakkali
Abdelilah Bannour
Antonio Barletta
Othmane Bendaou
Mohammed Bezzazi
Loubna Bounab
Ana de las Heras García de Vinuesa
Jalal El Bahaoui
Fadoua El Khannoussi
Khawla Essassi
Hilal Essaouini
Anas Hajjaji
Ali Haddi
Issam Hanafi
Mohamed Najib Ichchou
Juan Ramón Lama Ruiz
Amalia Luque Sendra
Oussama Mahboub
Mirko Mazzoleni
Abdellatif Medouri
Rachad Oulad Ben Zarouala
Mustapha Ouardouz
Hamadou Osman Ali
Souleymane Samagassi
Mustapha Sanbi
Qi Sun
Alia Zakriti
Francisco Zamora Polo
Dia Zeidan
Abdelmalek Zine
Hafiz Muhammad Waqas Badar

Organizing Committee:

Ikram Abarkan
Mariam Achbal
Narjisse Amahjour
Abdeslam Aoukili
Sabri Attajkani
Tahar Bachiri
Hajar Benzeroual
Nadia El-Abbas
Abdelali El-Bakari
Doae El Hadri
El Kabira El Mjabber
Youness El Mourabit
Zakia Ngadi
Mohsine Elouahabi
Bouraida El Yamouni
Ikram Feddal
Loubna Hessissen
Naima Jouilel
Hajar Lagziri
Mohamed Tahiri
Abdelhay Sabir

Junior Organizing Committee:

Mohammed Bouanane
Reda Bouziyane
Noura Chouaimet
Chaimae Dardabi
Chayma El Mtili
Fatima Kharchich
Mouna Louahdi
Redah Mouniba
Rachida Moussa
Youssra Rais
Sofia Rejani
Youssef Talbi

Submission: Instructions to Authors

We are pleased to announce the International Conference Mechanics, Mechatronics, Materials and Civil Engineering (3MCE’2022) which will be held virtually on September 10, 2022.

Authors and contributors are invited to submit a full paper before the deadline in one of the following six main themes:

  • Mechanics
  • Mechatronics
  • Materials
  • Civil Engineering
  • Experimental methods
  • Modelling and simulation approaches

The minimum length of the paper is four A4 pages. It should include the following sections: title, authors, affiliations, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, and references.

Before preparing your article, please read attentively the instructions related to Word Format A4, two columns A4 (210 x 297 mm). The template is downloadable from the following link: https://www.matec-conferences.org/for-authors

Authors should respect strictly the template for their article to be accepted. Full paper is then to be submitted by creating a user account through the Conference System EasyChair link: https://easychair.org/cfp/3mce2022

Enter the requested information; you will then fix your login credentials to access your personal account on the website. Please save these login details in your files in order to make edition of your manuscript, modification of the paper before the deadline or submission of another paper.

Please note that one name either as author or co-author cannot be present in more than two papers.

Important dates

27 August 2022

Full paper submission deadline

3 September 2022

Notification of full paper acceptance

10 September 2022

Conference date

End of September 2022

Publication of full papers in MATEC Web of Conferences

Publication fees:

Conference e-secretariat:

Program of the conference